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If you’re concerned about skin ageing, or problem skin, talk to us.

You can rely on us for

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  • No ‘hard sell’

We can’t turn the clock back or stop ageing. But developments in skin science and technology mean that we CAN slow it down and we can improve our skin condition and appearance to reduce those signs that ‘age’ us – fine lines, wrinkles, lax skin and hyperpigmentation (age spots).

Consult * Decide * Treat

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New Chemical Peels

The Good News: We’ve expanded our range of chemical peels

We have been exploring additional types of chemical peel, and have now settled on some strong additions to our range.

What this means for you

This will massively increase the effectiveness with which we can treat a whole range of skin conditions.

What this doesn’t mean for you

More decisions!… Salicylic or Mandelic acid? What about Glycolic? AHA or BHA? CHA? (is that even a thing?)

Stop. You won’t find a whole new set of options in the services menu. We’ve seen those elsewhere; they either give you technical choices which you shouldn’t have to make yourself, or worse let you pick from a list of fluffy names.

There’s a reason we did all that training. To help you to make the right choices.

As always, we’ll work with you to decide the most suitable treatment in discussion with you, after your skin consultation/assessment, and with consideration to what you want to achieve.

 Not that kind of peel! Not that kind of peel!

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Coming soon: Microneedling

We’re excited and pleased to announce that…

We will soon be offering scientifically backed non-invasive remedial skin treatments….

Register your interest now and……

Come on a journey with us to better skin….

Microneedling – Non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment

Suitable for:

  • Signs of ageing – lines and wrinkles, loss of skin firmness

  • Hyperpigmentation – sun spots (age spots)

  • Scars – acne scars, chicken pox scars, indented surgical scars

  • Poor skin texture, Dull skin, enlarged pores

  • Diffused redness

  • Aged hands

Significant results can be seen with as few as 3 consecutive treatments!!

This is an extremely effective rejuvenation treatment – as effective as laser resurfacing, but without the associated significant downtime and potential adverse reactions of ablative treatments.

Details (subject to change before launch) here.

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My brows are fine!

By popular demand, we now offer combined lash and brow tinting, without the brow shaping.

By skipping the brow shape, the whole treatment takes only as long as lash tinting itself, so you save money and (more importantly) time.

(Brow shaping is great if you need it, but if you don’t it does take extra time)

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Sleep for your skin’s sake (part 4)

Continuing our quest for a great night’s sleep, to help you and your skin look and feel their best.

Again, aim for around eight hours per night.

The previous post contained several suggestions to improve your sleep.

Here are a few more ideas which might help:

  • When is “bedtime”. Perhaps you should set a time to aim for?

  • Once in bed, take few simple and mindful breaths while holding your face in your hands.

  • The bedroom should be fresh and curtains drawn to keep out the light.

  • Avoid blue light from digital devices for at least an hour before bed and don’t take devices into the bedroom. If your phone has a “night mode”, set it to come on after dark. We need darkness to produce enough melatonin to help promote a deep sleep.

We’ll continue these posts on #sleep for your #skin and to #feelgood soon.

Please let us know if there are some we missed!

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Sleep for your skin’s sake (part 3)

So if sleep deprivation leads to poor collagen formation and dull, lined skin, what can be done?

Treatments should be the last resort!

It is crucial to get a good night’s sleep – aim for around eight hours per night.

We’re all busy, I know. It is easier to say “get more sleep” than it is to do.

Here are a few ideas which might help:

  • Think about your sleeping patterns? Can they be improved?

  • Is your bedroom at suitable temperature? We sleep better when we’re cooler

  • Avoid spicy food in the evening

  • Also excessive activity before bedtime. Try to organise so you slow down as the evening goes on.

    • … but a gentle walk wouldn’t do any harm. If time allows, perhaps followed by a bath with a drop or two of essential oil. Traditionally, Lavender is recommended, but choose something you like, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile or Sandalwood all work equally well…after all you don’t want to be kept awake by an irritating smell.

More on #sleep for your #skin and to #feelgood tomorrow.

Do you have any tips for better sleep?

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Sleep for your skin’s sake (part 2)

 Regular sleep is essential for good health and clear skin.  (not to mention clear thinking) Regular sleep is essential for good health and clear skin. (not to mention clear thinking)

How does sleep affect your skin?

These hours are the most effective time for your liver to cleanse the blood.
— without enough quality sleep you start tomorrow with yesterday’s toxins in your system. A bad start.

It is also time when your cortisol level decreases and the skin receives a much-needed boost of oxygen.

Cellular regeneration also peaks during this time, which is why you wake-up with a glowing complexion when you sleep well.


The next post will contain some suggestions.

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Sleep for your skin’s sake (part 1)

Not just dark circles

Skin elasticity

Sleep deprivation can often lead to a reduction in collagen production and, as a result, loose crepey skin

And the other bad stuff

We also know now that there is connection between poor sleep and weight gain. Those who don’t sleep enough have increased hunger and a lower metabolic rate.

In later posts we’ll consider some simple steps to improve things.

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