Coronavirus / Covid-19 Precautions

A few people have asked if we’re open for appointments. The answer is yes.

I’m trying to steer a course between unnecessary risks and overreacting — monitoring the situation daily and taking heed of official advice.

Measures I am taking which affect you (some have been in place for weeks):

  • I’ll ask you to wash your hands on arrival.
  • I’ll ask you about
    • any recent overseas visits
    • if you have any symptoms like cough, fever, shortness of breath
    • if you have been in contact with a known or suspected case of the virus
  • I’d prefer contactless payment if possible (but sanitizer is available if you need to use buttons or cash!).
  • I won’t be treating people with symptoms of illness ( but we never have; your body should be in good health to get the most of our treatments.)

Other measures I’m taking behind the scenes

  • Staff will wash hands between clients ( of course, that’s always been the case 🙂 )
  • Cleaning and sanitising all contact areas between clients as usual. This includes equipment, treatment areas, but now also door handles, toilets, chairs etc.
  • Normal sterilisation practices are being followed for tools and equipment. Some equipment (like microneedles) is sterile single-use anyway.
  • Of course, if Timeless Allure staff were to develop symptoms, we would close until cleared.
  • We’re in the fortunate position of being a small, appointment-only studio. So there won’t be anyone present except yourself and the therapist.

It’s all commonsense really. It isn’t in our interest for you (or us) to become ill.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Covid-19: Temporary pause

Covid-19: Temporary pause

In light of the increasing uncertainty surrounding the corona virus outbreak, we have very sadly decided to pause offering treatments until further notice.

Whilst not being directly subject to the official government guidance to close, we feel that, given the escalating spread of the virus, we can no longer be assured that we can guarantee your safety.

We’re devastated to have to do this, and we know some of you will be disappointed, but please remember this is our livelihood, we have not made this decision lightly. We feel it is morally the right thing to do to protect you all and the wider community.

Please be assured that we will extend the validity period of all existing gift vouchers, and will be contacting all of you with appointments booked for the coming weeks, to reschedule. Please ignore any system-generated appointment reminders.

Please also don’t be concerned if you are undergoing a course of advanced skincare treatment – we will contact you to offer support and guidance so that your progress is not diminished.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our lovely clients for your unstinting support. Be assured that this is a temporary blip, life is scary right now and for most of us unprecedented, but if we pull together, we will come out stronger. Please look after yourselves, and others if you can. Stay safe.

Anne & Colin

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Installment Scheme

They say good things come in threes …

… So do some treatments

Some treatments are most effective when repeated. Microneedling, for example, gets much better results after three to six sessions.

We’ve always offered a block discount for pre-booked courses of 3, or 6 treatments. But that can still leave an uncomfortable amount to pay in one go.

Until now we didn’t have a mechanism to allow payment by installments.

New: Installment Scheme

We’re very pleased to say this is no longer the case :-). Effective immediately we are able to offer a tailored direct-debit facility to pay by installments. It is quite flexible, so if you’re interested, just ask!

Bear in mind that

  • We prefer payments to have cleared before each treatment
  • If you decide to discontinue, future payments would obviously stop, but we reserve the right to charge the difference between discounted and standard prices of the treatments already taken.

Photo by Cornelia Ng on Unsplash

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Stretch marks and navel wrinkles

Stretch marks and navel wrinkles have responded well to plasma for this client.

The second 2nd picture is only 8 weeks after treatment, so there may be further improvement.

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Website issues resolved

Our website was ill today 🤒 (& maybe yesterday)

It’s feeling much better now after some treatment 👩‍⚕️

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How Many Chemical Peels?

Since we posted the below last year, we’ve continued, after due research, to add to our range of peels. 

How wide a variety?

We worked out the options today and realized that our range now contains over 35 distinct types, strengths, and combinations of chemical peel.

Why does this matter?

It means that we’re probably going to be able to select the right one for your skin…

The Good News: We’ve expanded our range of chemical peels

We have been exploring additional types of chemical peel, and have now settled on some strong additions to our range.

What this means for you

This will massively increase the effectiveness with which we can treat a whole range of skin conditions.

What this doesn’t mean for you

More decisions!… Salicylic or Mandelic acid? What about Glycolic? AHA or BHA? CHA? (is that even a thing?)

Stop. You won’t find a whole new set of options in the services menu. We’ve seen those elsewhere; they either give you technical choices which you shouldn’t have to make yourself, or worse let you pick from a list of fluffy names.

There’s a reason we did all that training. To help you to make the right choices.

As always, we’ll work with you to decide the most suitable treatment in discussion with you, after your skin consultation/assessment, and with consideration to what you want to achieve.

 Not that kind of peel! Not that kind of peel!

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NHS Staff Discount

NHS discount badge

Timeless Allure is delighted to offer a 15% discount for NHS staff.

In association with the Health Staff Discounts organisation.

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Dark days, Bright skin! Free Light Therapy

Dark days, Bright skin! Free Light Therapy

Free Light Therapy with all Facials!

Normal price for Light Therapy Facial is £45 †

What is the Light Therapy offer?

With all January facial bookings we’re pleased to offer you a complementary Light Therapy Treatment. This is performed using our multi award-winning Celluma LED technology.

How does it work?

The device gives out intense light of carefully-chosen wavelengths. Its effect is to boost the effectiveness of your facial treatment by

  • improving circulation
  • speeding healing
  • killing acne bacteria
  • reducing inflammation
  • improving skin tone, texture and clarity

How do I get it?

Just ask for free LED therapy when making your booking! 🙂

Which Facials can I get it with?

The free Light Therapy is available with your:

Note: adds 1/2 hour to the treatment time

Price is normally £20 as an add-on treatment

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Eyelid lift: How to treat eyelid wrinkles and lines?

Thinking of an eyelid lift? For excessive loose skin on the eye lid and under the eye, there are really only 2 options:

  • Plastic Surgery — effective, but expensive. Expect one or two weeks downtime depending on the eyelid.
  • Plasma Pen “blepharoplasty”/Eyelid lift — effective, affordable, with shorter, simpler downtime

Other treatments (Laser, Chemical Peels, and of course Microneedling) simply cannot be performed on the eyelids.

Our Plasma Elite II is

Plasma Elite pen as used for eyelid lift
plasma elite pen
  • The only machine made 100% in the UK
  • The only Plasma Pen confirming with the new 2020 Cosmetic/Medical directives

We’re pleased to offer this treatment, and you can be confident in the device itself, our Level 4 training in its use, and our expertise in skin matters.

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2019 Year End

The days are getting longer and brighter. Is your skin?

Yes, we’ve passed the shortest day of the year and looking forward to spring. It has been a mild winter (so far — fingers crossed). That is good news for our skin. Not such good news for Christmas snow scenes, but you can’t have everything. :-/

New & Improved

It seems a long time ago but we only opened the doors at Timeless Allure a year ago. It has been an active year, meeting new clients and friends. We’ve been busy introducing several new treatments, and improvements to the existing ones.

If you haven’t visited our website recently you may not know about these

  • Plasma Pen treatments for lines, lifting, crows’ feet etc.
  • Microneedling for so many things I won’t try to list them
  • Blemish Removal for skin tags, acne scars, moles etc.
  • Light Therapy Facial (kills acne bacteria, improves healing & skin clarity)
  • Chemical Peels — the range of peels available is vastly greater than our original offerings, so we can find the perfect one for your unique skin

Free LED therapy, to fight the Dark Days of winter

For a short period in the new year, we plan to offer light therapy as a complementary add-on to any facial, but as loyal subscribers feel free to ask for it when you book your facial, and we’ll add it on for you :-). It will add 30 (very relaxing) minutes 30 mins to the treatment time, and can be added to:
Chemical Peel • Microdermabrasion • Anti-ageing Facial • Classic Facial • Aromatherapy Facial • Galvaderm Facial • Male Facial • Microneedling

WaxingMassage, & Eye treatments and of course our wide range of Facial Treatments continue to be very popular. Everything is on our completely-revamped website.

Winner of our competition

Some of you may have met us at the High Ongar Community Christmas Event, where we set up a stall (it was a lot of fun) and met many nice people. We’re pleased to announce that a winner has been selected from the draw we ran that day.  They’ve been informed, so to everyone else: better luck next time.

Shameless plug

As always, we really appreciate your reviews and recommendations.  So if you haven’t yet, please

If you’d like to tell your friends about us (perhaps by forwarding this email), we won’t object :-). What better way to make use of our generous Refer-a-Friend scheme.

Contact us

We’re always pleased to answer any queries:
tel: 01245931646
mob: 07921 012466
facebook messenger:

Book now for January
I hope to see you all soon!
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