Sleep for your skin’s sake (part 4)

Continuing our quest for a great night’s sleep, to help you and your skin look and feel their best.

Again, aim for around eight hours per night.

The previous post contained several suggestions to improve your sleep.

Here are a few more ideas which might help:

  • When is “bedtime”. Perhaps you should set a time to aim for?

  • Once in bed, take few simple and mindful breaths while holding your face in your hands.

  • The bedroom should be fresh and curtains drawn to keep out the light.

  • Avoid blue light from digital devices for at least an hour before bed and don’t take devices into the bedroom. If your phone has a “night mode”, set it to come on after dark. We need darkness to produce enough melatonin to help promote a deep sleep.

We’ll continue these posts on #sleep for your #skin and to #feelgood soon.

Please let us know if there are some we missed!