Timeless Allure is re-opening 28th July

We can finally announce that we’ll be re-opening…

… from Tuesday the 28th July 2020!

You may have seen from the internet that we were given a date to re-open of Monday 13th July. Unfortunately, this date was just too last minute to get everything sorted at the clinic, not least because good quality PPE is like gold dust at the moment, and as most of you know we donated all of our supplies to the NHS at the start of Lockdown.

Facial treatments?

We are also hoping that by that date we will be able to carry out facial treatments. Currently, we have a farcical situation where you can have a skin tag removed from your collar bone area, but you can’t have your chin waxed!! There has been a LOT of media coverage about this, so hopefully by the 28th July there will be more clarity over this.

At the moment the situation is this:

  • NO Facials of any type
  • NO Plasma treatments from the neck up
  • NO Chemical Peel treatments from the neck up
  • NO Microneedling treatments from the neck up
  • NO Radio Frequency or Ultrasound treatments from the neck up
  • NO Eyelash/Brow treatments
  • NO Facial waxing

This is obviously very irritating for us. As you all know, we have always been a bespoke, appointment only service, and because of the number of sterile procedures that we do, we only need a couple of tweaks to our procedures to comply with the government guidelines (e.g. we will now be going paperless!).

So, we will be back on the 28th July, when hopefully we may be able to restart our clinical skincare programmes again, in full.

Good news (we think)!

This morning’s Covid-19 update suggests that “close contact services” will be allowed again from 1st August!!!

This covers things like plasma, peels, microneedling, electrogalvanic treatments, and traditional facials, as well as blemish removal in the facial area.

So the Prosecco is still on ice, while we wait for the written government announcement, hopefully released later today.


We will be opening up the online booking service a bit closer to the time, so for the moment please message/text us and we’ll get a convenient slot for you sorted.

In the meantime, we’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you that have sent messages of support over these seemingly endless months. It’s been tough, but it’s really helped to hear your lovely words.

Take care, stay safe and we’ll see you VERY soon!!
Anne & Colin