What happens during my Chemical Peel?

What happens during my Chemical Peel?

The chemical peel procedure is extremely straightforward and is carried out as a number of steps:

1. Your skin will be cleansed and sanitised to reduce the risk of infection.

2. If you are having a peel with a Alpha-Hydroxy acid agent e.g. Glycolic, which is water soluble and therefore unable to easily penetrate the skin’s natural lipid barrier, your skin will wiped over with a solution to remove the natural oils. If you are having a peel with a Beta-Hydroxy acid agent this step isn’t necessary, as these have a natural affinity with the skin’s protective oils and so can penetrate the skin unaided.

3. The more sensitive areas of your face like your lips and brows will be covered with a film of barrier cream and your eyes covered for protection.

4. The peel solution will then be applied using either a disposable applicator or gauze

5. The time that the solution remains on your skin will be determined by the actual peeling agents used and their strength and your unique situation (how your skin responds to the treatment and your practitioner’s professional judgement)

6. The solution will be neutralised to stop the peeling agent’s action.

7. A facial mask or compress will be applied to cool and soothe the skin

8. Post treatment products will be applied, which if the treatment has been carried out during the day will include an SPF

 Anne Stewart, Owner and Aesthetician Anne Stewart, Owner and Aesthetician