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Skin you’ll love to be seen in

Think your skin could be better? Good news: you’re probably right!


Are you completely happy with your skin?

Probably not. The media feed us impossible images of perfection to compare ourselves to.

Feel-good facials, cosmetics, and the latest retail products might make you feel like you’re taking action — but is it the right action? Or just quick fixes to hide the problems?

Neglect can allow problems to develop gradually and the simple passage of time can be unkind too… Not everyone wants to ‘age gracefully’.

Are there concrete, proven things you can do now or is that just wishful thinking?


Look better, feel better

Your aim: Healthy attractive skin
Our aim: To help you achieve that

Science-backed treatments

Trained to the highest standards (cibtac, level4, JCCP)

Delighted clients "...nothing short of exceptional..."

Caring, professional, and genuinely interested


The Idea

We can’t turn the clock back or stop ageing. But developments in skin science and technology mean that we can slow it down and we can improve our skin condition and appearance to reduce those signs that ‘age’ us – fine lines, wrinkles, lax skin and hyperpigmentation (age spots).

So, the ‘idea’? Simple – create a space where anyone feeling uncomfortable about their skin condition or appearance can feel relaxed and be reassured that they will be listened to and given help and advice without the ‘hype’,

because Allure really is Timeless!

Quality Products, Skillful Technique

You don’t want to cut corners with your skin treatment.

We use cosmeceutical products, selected after careful research, to get the best results for your skin.

From your initial assessment through to aftercare, we treat you with care and the highest levels of knowledge.

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can not recommend highly enough!
nothing short of exceptional ... Definitely worth a visit.
completely professional and compassionate ... 100% recommend!

Anne Stewart

Copy of Anne Stewart Skincare Consultation

Anne is a qualified Level 4 Therapist. She did her first beauty therapy training more than 20 years ago gaining a City and Guilds Level 2 qualification part-time whilst working as a school teacher.

Anne believes it is crucial that therapists have the appropriate level of expertise to be able to advise their clients correctly how they can best achieve their goals. Her background in education and nursing means that she continually strives to update her knowledge and skills so that she can provide the most up to date treatments in a safe and effective manner.

Anne holds the internationally recognised ITEC qualification in Advanced Beauty Therapy, as well as accredited diplomas for all of the advanced aesthetic treatments and branded products offered at Timeless Allure.