Valentine's day -- a guide for frogs and lovers


The story of Romeo and Juliet (the frogs) has inspired us…


All of Valentine’s week* we will be offering these specials

We’ve put together a collection of treatment combinations to help you be your best on Valentine’s day. Whether you are a Romeo or a Juliet.

Save up to £20 / 40% over individual bookings.

Available for booking NOW.

Jax Wax Rainforest

"Smooth & Bright"

Smooth everywhere it counts, and add some Valentine’s sparkle to your eyes…

Hollywood wax **
Lash and brow tinting OR Underarm waxing

Only £30 Usual cost up to £50 Book

Eve Taylor Facial

"Ready to face the world"

Perfectly framed eyes in a face radiating confidence…

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy facial OR Essential Microdermabrasion Facial
Lash and brow tinting

Only £45 Usual cost £65 Book


"Against the hair"

Princesses kiss frogs, But frogs are noted for being SMOOTH. Are you?

Back hair was identified by GQ as the only type of body hair that is "never sexy". (Actually, 5% of women surveyed liked it. Do you like those odds?)

Nose and ear hair? you already know that’s not good!

Back wax
PLUS nose and ear waxing
AND brow tidy

Only £30 Usual cost £39 Book

Contact us if you have any questions!

* the week of 11-15 Feb this year.

** Or any other intimate wax.

Colin Cooper