Gift voucher terms and conditions

Key information

Gift vouchers are dated and each carries a unique serial number. They are fully transferable and can be used for payment in the Salon. They must be used before they expire.


They can be purchased in a range of values from the Salon using cash or card.


They can be used in full or partial payment for treatments and products in the Salon.
They cannot be used to pay for online purchases or as appointment deposits.

If you wish to redeem a voucher against a product which is out of stock, we will be happy to order it in. We will redeem the voucher before placing the order.

The gift voucher must be surrendered to us on redemption.

If used to purchase something which costs less than the face value of the card we will issue a new voucher to cover the difference.
Example: you have a £100 voucher and use it to pay for a £60 treatment – we give you a £40 voucher for future use.
At our discretion, if the difference is small, we may refund the difference in cash.

In rare circumstances, and at our discretion, we may offer a refund instead of treatment.


They should be used within six months of the date of issue. Please contact us if you need to extend one beyond this time.

Contact details

With your permission we will take contact details when you purchase a gift voucher.

  • We may use these contact details to remind you if a voucher is nearing expiry. However it is your (or the recipient’s) responsibility to use it in time.

  • We may be able to use these details to cancel and replace a lost or stolen voucher.

  • We will not restrict usage to the named purchaser, as many are likely to be given as gifts.

  • We will not use any contact details associated with gift vouchers for any other purpose.

Lost and stolen vouchers

The original purchaser should contact us as soon as possible. If the voucher has not been used and the purchaser permitted us to record details, then we will issue a new replacement to the same value.