Installment Scheme

They say good things come in threes …

… So do some treatments

Some treatments are most effective when repeated. Microneedling, for example, gets much better results after three to six sessions.

We’ve always offered a block discount for pre-booked courses of 3, or 6 treatments. But that can still leave an uncomfortable amount to pay in one go.

Until now we didn’t have a mechanism to allow payment by installments.

New: Installment Scheme

We’re very pleased to say this is no longer the case :-). Effective immediately we are able to offer a tailored direct-debit facility to pay by installments. It is quite flexible, so if you’re interested, just ask!

Bear in mind that

  • We prefer payments to have cleared before each treatment
  • If you decide to discontinue, future payments would obviously stop, but we reserve the right to charge the difference between discounted and standard prices of the treatments already taken.

Photo by Cornelia Ng on Unsplash