completely saved my self confidence!...I trust her and her knowledge immensely!

Anne and Timeless Allure completely saved my self confidence!

At the beginning of the year, I was suffering with acne which was, for me, so bad I couldn’t bear going outside!

Anne taught me not only how to clean my skin properly but taught me how I had damaged my skin and what I needed to do to repair it!

11 months down the line and my skin is the clearest it has been in over a year and that is all thanks to Anne!

I recently just had a chemical peel from Anne and it has given my skin the boost it needs and has brightened and cleared my complexion entirely!

Not only is having treatment at Timeless Allure relaxing, but it is also educating and reassuring!

I never use any new products without consulting Anne first as I trust her and her knowledge immensely! I’ll forever go to Anne and Timeless Allure now!

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