Advanced Skincare Consultation


Skin Analysis, including mini-facial

Anne will work with you to produce a thorough assessment of your skin conditions and skincare regimen.

Afterwards, you will be provided with a very detailed report on your skin’s condition with a plan tailored to your requirements and circumstances.

This is a vital step in determining how best to get the results you desire.

We highly recommend that your first visit be for a consultation.

What to expect

This is an opportunity for me to learn about you, so we’ll start by discussing your skin’s current condition and history, and any concerns you might have.

Along the way we’ll try to determine how your lifestyle, health and any medications you might be on are affecting you.

Then I’ll perform a proper analysis of your skin using the appropriate tools.

After the consultation I’ll prepare a full report for you, with what we’ve discovered about your skin, and suggestions for achieving your goals.  Note that these may well be small lifestyle changes, or suggestions for products.

What not to expect

This won’t be a sales pitch and you won’t be pressured into booking treatments or buying anything from us.


Important to know

Please bring your regular skincare products, makeup, and any medication and/or supplements if possible.

We’ll contact you before your appointment to discuss the best way to prepare for your analysis.

Additional information

Treatment Time (minutes)