Body Waxing

Body Waxing

from 10.00

Unwanted body hair, gently removed

For body waxing we use a Vegan strip wax for most larger body areas, usually Jax Wax. It is a non-sticky formulation that leaves the skin cleaner and more comfortable.

Please see below or refer to our FAQ section for a full description of the area of hair removal.

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Arm waxing

Underarm waxing * Forearm waxing * Full Arm waxing

Leg waxing

Half Leg waxing

Torso waxing

Back waxing * Back Neck & Upper Arm waxing * Small of Back waxing * Chest waxing * Back & Chest waxing * Abdomen waxing

Body Waxing Procedure

In some areas, such as the underarms and back of the neck, hot non-strip wax will be used unless strip is specifically requested at the time of booking as we believe it is kinder to the skin.

Also, where the skin is more sensitive or the hair growth is dense and deep-rooted a combination of hot and strip wax will be used for maximum comfort. It takes longer but we believe it is much kinder to the skin.

Body Waxing Suitability

Please call us to discuss before booking if you are taking medication which may thin the skin.


How much hair is removed?

  • Small of Back wax – hair is removed from above the bum crack to hips -no hair will show above a low rise trouser waist.

  • Back wax – all hair is removed from above the bum crack and onto the shoulders.

  • Back, neck & upper arms wax– all hair is removed from above the bum crack, to base of the hairline & over the shoulders onto arms above the biceps.

  • Chest wax - all hair is removed from across chest below the armpits to the waist.

  • Abdomen wax - all hair is removed from the waist to the hips.