Combined Peel and Microneedling

£115.00£242.00 ask about block discounts!

Combined Peel and Microneedling in a single session

This is a combination of our Peel Facial and Microneedling performed in a single session..

Studies have shown that applying these together can produce significantly better client results than either treatment being used alone

You may need to prepare your skin before starting treatment, the first sessions often requires the peel and needling to be done separately.

These should be undertaken as a short course of treatments.

Please call to discuss with us, and to make a booking.

Please note that combinations are only available in courses of three or more sessions, and therefore attract a 10% discount (or 20% for 6).


Various body & facial areas and types of peel are available and are priced accordingly.

The specific peel used will be chosen for your skin conditions, but in general we would use

  • Mesoestetic or Clinicare Chemical Peels
  • Cosmedix Metabolic peels

Additional information

Treatment Time60 minutes
Patch test required?


Discount when you book several treatments?