Ladies Intimate Waxing

Ladies Intimate Waxing

from 12.00

Clean look, smooth feel, your style

Nervous and first-time clients are especially welcome!

Our female intimate waxing treatments use hot wax . It takes longer but we believe it is kinder to the skin. Let us know when you book if you prefer strip wax.

We use a resin-free vegan wax that is hypoallergenic.

Please see below or refer to our FAQ section for a full description of the area of hair removal.

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Basic Bikini waxing * High Bikini waxing * Thong waxing * Brazilian waxing (Landing Strip) * Hollywood waxing (All Off)

Intimate Waxing Procedure


You may like to consider a combination including, for example, a full leg waxing?

For a brief explanation of the between types of wax, refer to the waxing FAQ.

Intimate Waxing Suitability

Please call us to discuss before booking if you are taking medication which may thin the skin.

Are you self-conscious about your waxing? Don’t be!

It’s common to feel concerned about exposing yourself, but you’ll be with a friendly, professional woman (who felt the same as you before her first time).


How much hair is removed?

  • Bikini wax – hair is removed from the leg crease outside the panty line.

  • High Bikini wax – extended bikini line, hair is removed from either side of the pubic mound, going in narrow at the bottom and just underneath. Hair is NOT removed from the bum crack. Minimal amount off of the top of the pubic line.

  • Thong wax – hair outside of the thong is removed. Includes the bum crack, but hair from the labia is not removed.

  • Brazilian wax – all hair is removed from underneath, bum crack and buttocks. Hair is removed from front leaving a strip on the pubic mound.

  • Hollywood wax– all hair is removed from front, underneath, bum crack and buttock – no hair left at all.