Timeless Allure Galvaderm Deep Cleansing Facial

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Galvanic facial skin cleansing and nourishment

A safe, effective electrotherapy treatment designed to deep cleanse, rehydrate and speed up skin cell renewal.

The High Frequency and Galvanic (Desincrustation & Iontophoresis) modes are beneficial for all skin types.


High Frequency and Galvanic facial procedures

Impurities are drawn from your skin and selected serums and products (chosen to suit your unique skin conditions) are delivered into the skin tissue, helping to improve the skin’s look, tone and feel.


With careful use of High Frequency and Galvanic Desincrustation and Iontophoresis modes during your facial treatment we will

  • deep cleanse (Desincrustation)
  • improve acne and blemish-prone skins

  • nourish dry skins

  • improve skin condition and fine lines

  • unclogs pores reducing sebum in areas of oily skin

  • push serums deep into the skin (Iontophoresis)

  • tone facial muscles

  • reduce the appearance of enlarged pores

The HF treatment has germicidal and antibacterial effects.

Additional information

Treatment Time70 minutes
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